Service Table


Design by Atmosphera Creative Lab


Panarea is a service table made entirely of polished glazed ceramic.‎ Available finishes: Terracotta, Verde smeraldo, Acquamarina, Oliva.‎

2022 Archiproducts® Design Awards
Sustainability winner, outdoor category


HEIGHT: 56 cm
VOLUME: 0,1 m3
WEIGHT: 20,6 Kg
Diameter: 47 cm


Verde smeraldo



The technique used to make the “Panarea” artifact is called “colaggio”.‎ The name is derived from the act of pouring liquid clay inside a mold, which in technical terms is called “slip”.‎ The making of plaster molds is entrusted to master craftsmen who can make modular elements, which create a hollow form, inside which the slip is poured.‎ The plaster has absorbent properties, so it dries the slip to a solid clay-like state, but only when the item has reached “leather hardness” can it be taken out of the mold.‎ At this point the piece is ready for the first firing at 1080° in 24 hours, from this process we obtain the “biscuit”.‎ The biscuit has a white appearance and absorption rate, here we can apply the glaze with hand airbrushes.‎ Once enameled, we go back into firing for 24 hours 980°; The handmade enameling and this type of firing, give each piece a unique and handcrafted look, enhancing the ever changing shades in each element.‎


A white earth is used to make Panarea, mixed with 30% Chamotte, which increases strength in large pieces.‎ Chamotte is obtained by recycling already fired ceramic pieces, which for a variety of reasons (such as second choices, accidental breakage of pieces, breakage during firing) would be waste to be thrown away.‎ Another important note is the drying of the piece, which is forced only with sunlight or by using waste heat during firing stages; this reduces the consumption of electricity or gas.‎ For our production processes, no solvents are used, but all are conveyed with water, the latter being part of the production processes thanks to a purifier.‎ The company is committed to safeguarding the environment by signing contracts to supply energy from renewable sources.‎