Atmosphera’s world and vision

Our products

All products are designed and developed in our Design & Marketing Area by a devoted team, since we believe in the strong relationship between company identity and product.

Ideas are born from experiences, travels, and all outside environment in constant development: our designers draw on all that, creating objects that reflect our culture, our wish to be part of the world.





Sustainability and environment

Atmosphera, while developing its business, considers as essential values the respect and the environment protection, respecting current regulations of different countries where goods are produced. Healthcare, improvement of social conditions and worker security in the countries where Atmosphera works, are essential conditions of the company policy. Moreover, underage workers are not admitted and salaries are regulated by legislation of countries where Atmosphera works.

The UN Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for business that are committed to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles. Atmosphera's 2020 Catalogue is printed with vegetable-based colours on FSC® certified paper.

Study the nature, love the nature and stay close to nature. It will never let you down.

Frank Lloyd Wright

days for outdoor living

All materials used in our outdoor collections are suitable for outdoor use. They resist to wide temperature range, to UV rays, to water, to salt and to all atmospheric agents. Atmosphera suggests to cover or to keep inside the furniture during the winter in order to extend its life time.

All products have a normal wear in the course of time, but they can be restored with specific maintenance kits. Upholsteries are realized by Atmosphera with fabrics of high quality, suitable for outdoor use.

Our soul lives outside

Our philosophy

In contemplating what is outside, you can find yourself. The relationship between the human figure and space is the basis of a good design project. The mimesis with the colors of Nature and the research of resistant and comfortable materials, is the process for the correct realization of the objects described in this book. The result is the pleasure of enjoying one's own dimension of well-being. A volume that is nothing more than the narration of a long day outdoors, where the living space exceeds the limits of the home, to make room under the sky.
Living rooms, contemplative places, dining rooms and workplaces, commercial and public spaces, up to the most intimate corners of houses and their alcoves: a roundup of scenes and atmospheres, rather than objects. Scenes of stories where the protagonists have left traces of their presence, but above all the staging of what they have accomplished in that environment.
From resting under the shade of a tree to concentrated study for hours, from contemplation to refreshment, from solitude to sharing in company. Neither silent nor empty scenes: the story in images of a long endless horizon that someone calls the time of living, but that we read as a time to live well. A continuous line of narration between words, images and photos to tell the history of a company. Beyond fashion, objects are at the service of their users, of people, since they are born from people's needs, and they come to life with people’s soul: they are all conceived, designed and developed by the staff of the creative lab.

What is outside is a projection of what is inside. The idea that becomes an object, the soul that turns into beauty, the domestic space that springs from people's needs: there is always a process between the inside and the outside, whether we are talking about real or virtual boundaries.Atmosphera combines all this by breaking down all boundaries; in this way "soul of outdoor" is born. Much more than a motto: a design and life style.
The soul of things comes from the idea that generates them, but also from the way they are realized: study of materials, attention to detail, optimization of production processes, sustainability and durability of the product.
The soul of things becomes beauty in the hands of people who use them and leaf through them to read inside them...