Rastrello Boutique Hotel



Atmosphera Outdoor at Rastrello Boutique Hotel, Panicale, Umbria

In Panicale, Umbria, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy,” you will find Rastrello Boutique Hotel, a place where luxury meets Italian history and tradition. The hotel offers a total of nine rooms, including standard, superior, suites, and apartments, catering to travelers who want to experience the “real” Italy – a typical village away from the bustling cities, surrounded by pristine nature, particularly olive groves. Olive oil is indeed an essential element of the local culture, hence the name “Rastrello,” the Italian word for the hand tool used to delicately harvest ripe olives from the tree. Rastrello symbolizes family and friends gathering in the olive grove to share the ancient beauty of the harvest.

The Boutique Hotel features a panoramic garden terrace with a unique view – a captivating setting where history and modernity converge to offer guests an unforgettable experience in touch with nature. It is here that we find the Ludo collection by Atmosphera, soft seats with an organic shape and a natural Teak wood base, radiating warmth with a strong sculptural presence. Accompanying Ludo are the Dream service tables, made of aluminum, boasting essential aesthetics that blend harmoniously and discreetly into the lush surroundings, where nature is the true and singular protagonist. On the hotel’s other terraces, the choice of outdoor furniture has favored the Pleasure armchair, featuring an elegant shell in white or graphite aluminum, covered in a woven pattern of flat textile fibers.

Ludo armchair